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We’ve been delivering voice and data services for over ten years. In that time, businesses have had to weather an economic storm, while we’ve seen the telecoms industry beset by price wars, false promises and declining standards of customer service.

Our partners trust us to deliver their communications because they know we offer something different; a defence against the elements.

As an ISP, VoIP and landline service provider we can offer a range of fully integrated solutions, augmented by a suite of mobile and wireless internet packages, telecoms-focused marketing tools and disaster-recovery protocols.

With Triangle, you get a communications partner that tells it like it is. We will take the time to get to know you and your business, its requirements and challenges, and devise the optimum service to meet those needs.

Join the Pure-Fibre Revolution.

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How can Gigabit Internet help you?

Gigabit connection vouchers available now, offering up to £3000 towards the cost of a Gigabit Internet connection.

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No matter where an organisation is on the spectrum of technological sophistication, we all share a need for connectivity. Innovation might be the heart of your business, but reliable lines of communication are what keep it alive.

We've joined forces with CityFibre to bring affordable, gigabit speed internet to Bristol businesses. You’ll soon be able to take advantage of a state-of-the-art, pure fibre digital infrastructure running at gigabit speeds. Whether it's a faster connection to increase productivity or more bandwidth to underpin your increased use of cloud services, VoIP and remote storage, a dedicated pure fibre connection to your premises will give your business a digital head start over your competitors.

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Gigabit Connectivity

What we do

We provide a wide range of services to cover all business requirements:

Inbound Numbers

Research shows that the type of phone number you feature in your ads can have a significant positive or negative impact on response rates. Freephone 0800/0808 numbers are more effective in ads; while 0845 and 0844 numbers can help you market your business nationwide.

Inbound numbers also allow access to a vast array of cloud-based services that ensure incoming calls are optimised with maximum efficiency; these additional features range from call recording, queuing and smart routing, to fax to email and auto-attendant services.

Calls and Lines

We provide a range of exchange line services, from single analogue (PSTN) lines through to digital circuits (ISDN2 and ISDN30), at very competitive rates, with added features including call recording and call reporting.

Solutions are tailored to suit your requirements, with options available to fit every situation, and guaranteed clarity making it simple to understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Voice over IP

Voice over IP has secured a firm place in today’s business communications landscape, and as an emerging technology it offers many new advantages.

At Triangle, we often deploy VoIP as part of an integrated mix of traditional analogue and digital line services.

This approach allows our customers to combine the complimentary reliability and cost benefits that both technologies offer.

Internet Anywhere

Internet access is fast becoming the lifeline of any business, with an increasing numbers of businesses relying on reliable, fast connections to operate effectively.

Despite this, many try to limit costs by running their entire operation through insufficient connections; impacting efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Not only do we provide great internet support and reliable connectivity, but our experience allows us to offer a diverse mix of services to meet your needs; these include multiple connections, Voice over IP, broadband and a range of managed internet and leased line options.

Hive WiFi

Now you can leverage tangible business benefits by offering your customers WiFi access through our very own Hive WiFi system.

Hive WiFi not only provides secure, efficient connectivity from within your premises, it also requires users to log in using their social media credentials through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn boosting your digital social media

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Mobile Working

Providing effective communications for your team out on the road is a cornerstone in agility and efficient working. Giving staff the ability to respond to real-time queries and issues, with instant access to documents and sales resources, is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Won’t it be refreshing to work with a provider who does exactly what they promise?

A central part of our philosophy is the ‘no nonsense approach’ we’ve become known for. If an issue arises, our team of technicians and advisors will be on the case immediately, aiming for the quickest possible time between report and resolution.

No nonsense means going above and beyond to provide total support for our partners. It’s why you can have the confidence to know that Triangle delivers when it matters; and to us, it matters all the time.

What Next?

If you would like to know more about the products and services provided by Triangle Networks, please do get in contact.

We look forward to finding out more about what you do, and looking at how we can work together.

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